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Female trapeze artist plunges 26ft in horrifying fall in front of circus crowd

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

A female trapeze artist plummeted 26ft to the ground in front of horrified families after a terrifying accident during a circus performance.

The circus was performing in Sheerness, Kent, on Thursday night when a trapeze artist fell 26ft to the ground.

An air ambulance was called for the performer after she fell from the roof of the main tent of the circus.

Despite the massive fall, she was able to talk to Santus circus co-owner Ernest Santus, as they waited 30 minutes for the ambulance.

He told The Mirror: "At first she was not moving but after she was talking to me, she said 'I'm sorry' but these things happen sometimes.

"She's okay but in hospital at the moment. We think she lost her balance."

The fall took place in the first act of the show, forcing it to be cancelled.

Ernest said he believes she only suffered a broken shoulder and collarbone after the accident and she is currently in hospital.

There was an off-duty fireman and ambulance driver in attendance in the audience who were able to rush to her aid after the fall.
The female trapeze artist fell 26ft and hit the ground but was able to talk afterwards ( Image: Alamy Live News.)

Later, a number of police cars were seen outside the circus tent.

People who went to the circus intending to spend an enjoyable evening watching the performers were left shell shocked.

One mum, who took the evening out with her family, posted on social media saying: "Just witnessed a horrifying incident where a trapeze artist has fallen a good 30ft straight onto the floor.

"Absolutely shocking incident to see. Hope she's going to be ok."

Another watcher added: “Hoping that beautiful talented young girl is okay.”

Another social media user claimed that she had suffered a broken shoulder and wrist, adding: “She was moving her legs by the time we were leaving, so that’s got to be a good sign.”

Attendees with young children said their youngsters had enquired about the wellbeing of the young woman before they went to sleep that night.

The Mirror has contacted police and ambulance services for more information.

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