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California Communist Party leader backs Newsom, urges 'no' vote on recall

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom is receiving support from one of the state's communist leaders, who said on Friday that residents should reject the ongoing recall effort in order to prevent one of former President Trump's "clones" governing the state. "On the line is the protection of hard-won gains that Gov....

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Jhraam Smith

The actual communist party is backing the Left. I guess Demonrats will no longer be able to call anybody communist anymore. Maybe they will finally start seeing the truth but I doubt it will change anything.

Dennis Abell

what has this country come to when you're putting up with Communism how sad are these young people coming up how sad are the parents that raise these children that don't understand what freedom really means but every time one of them kids get in trouble all they were such a good boy all they were such a good kid it is sad how horrible this young generation is and how uneducated they really are

Lt. Mento

I wonder what AOC and Bernie Sanders have to say about this one. Its gonna be hard for any Democrat to distance themselves from communism now. They all threw in their support for Newsom and defended his abysmal job running the state, now you have actual communist singing his praise and officially endorsing him. Lay bare the allegiances of the left.


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