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The Tea on The Prince: How HBO's Animated Prince George Satire Is Stirring Controversy


Cover picture for the articleThe Prince just dropped on Thursday morning, and the animated royal satire is unsurprisingly generating mixed reactions. The series — which was first announced in January 2020 — was inspired by Gary Janetti's satirical take on Prince George, which made the Family Guy writer go viral on Instagram. In it, George (voiced by Janetti himself) is entitled, out of touch and sassy, Queen Elizabeth is a foul-mouthed, gun-toting family tyrant, Prince Charles is simperingly desperate to be king, and Prince Harry is an out-of-touch galoot who has no clue how to navigate everyday life outside palace walls.

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This show should not be allowed as it bullies the royal family they can do a show about their current living families making fun of and bullying their own family


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