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Royal Family News: How Low Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Sink?

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news reveals some unsavory gossip about Meghan Markle and, like you, we are shocked. Not. Who would be so indiscreet as to suggest that the one-time cable actress, “secretly plotted to marry Prince Harry to further her career?”. Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti claims that “ambitious” Meghan was...

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Vickie Hunt Moore

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that she went after Harry for the money, the prestige and the fame. I do believe this because after she got to be known, it was her intention to come back to the USA via Canada. If she thinks all the controversies she's created by doing the interview with oprah, naming that little girl after the Queen's nickname that was such a private thing between the Queen and the her husband, just shows low breeding and a total disregard for the Monarch and the family. She was not going to be a person that would be able to handle the rules and regulations of living the life of a royal. She's made Harry miserable and I believe he realizes that he made a big mistake!


They need to face plant. They are like misbehaving kids playing and destroying themselves. You don’t get to disrespect the one person who person that loves you no matter what, your Granny. Shame on you for allowing this betrayal. Until you act accordingly you will not have peace.

Janis DeBardi

of course she had an agenda..why do u think it all happened so fast...all if it the engagement, the wedding, having a child keaving the royal family and then treating tje Royal family as she did...she still has an agenda..i call it her "script"


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