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Night of 'carnage' as hotel guests row with staff until 1am and sleep in lobby

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

There was 'carnage' at a hotel as fed up customers had to sleep in the lobby after rowing with staff while trying to check in.

After heated arguments staff threatened to call the police on at least two people for shouting when they struggled to find them a room.

Customers at The Grand Hotel in Scarborough had been queuing for hours earlier on Wednesday from when check in was allowed from 4pm, Yorkshire Live reports.

Many of those who had booked rooms for the night - with some costing over £200 - had done so so they could stay for the Stereophonics show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

The queue was too long for some, who opted to come back after the show to try and check in then. Others simply cancelled their bookings and drove home after the gig instead.
Many were staying for a Stereophonics show ( Image: Yorkshire Live/MEN MEDIA)

One couple from Cumbria had driven four hours earlier in the day to stay at the hotel but decided to drive to the gig venue after they saw the size of the queue at the hotel, which at one point was snaking around the lobby all the way to the entrance.

After they returned to check in, they had gone to the room to find that two people were already in there.

They were waiting in the queue for another half an hour to get a different room close to midnight.

People continued to queue in to the night and there was shouting from the lobby from Roz Cartwright, who said: "Where are we supposed to sleep?"

Ms Cartwright had driven up from Sheffield with her partner for the gig as well and paid £200 for the room. When they got to the check in desk they had been told that "the systems were down" and they couldn't find a room.

When she raised her voice, a member of staff threatened to call the police and then when she said that she'd sleep on the couch in the lobby there was no protest from staff.
A number of customers were sat in the lobby waiting to check in until the early hours ( Image: Yorkshire Live/MEN MEDIA)

She said: "This is appalling. You don't pay £200 to go to the check in to be told if you complain they're going to have me arrested and removed.

"All I'm trying to do is do is go to sleep. I've said I'll stay on the sofa now. I'm just so exhausted."

She also said they were urging the staff to give them the key to any room they had so they could go to sleep, as it had now gone past midnight.

She said: "If you have 50 keys left and 20 people standing in the queue that have booked then give them a key. Just give us a room.

"It's my first time in Scarborough. I'm never coming back."

She added: "We went to the gig and had a great time and then come back to the hotel and it's carnage."

Ms Cartwright's partner was eventually able to get the couple a room.

There was another altercation between a man who had booked in to another hotel in Scarborough - The Esplanade - and then been transferred to the Grand Hotel when they had a problem with his booking.

He also came back after the gig and tried to check in but the hotel said they hadn't received the transfer. The staff also threatened to call the police for him shouting and swearing about the issue.

His friends had already checked in and offered to make room for him in their room.

Staff were able to find everyone who was still waiting to check in a room but not until after 1am.

The Mirror has contacted hotel owner Britannia for comment.

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