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Presidential Election

Newly revealed notes drag congressional Republicans into Trump’s election-subversion effort

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articlePresident Donald Trump called acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen on Dec. 27 last year to discuss the issue at the center of his concerns. Not the 2,200 people a day dying of covid-19 at that point but, instead, his desperate attempts to cling to power after losing the presidential election on Nov. 3.

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Patricia Greer

Trump knew 4 months before the election that he was on his way out. the polls showed it but his ego wouldn't accept this reality. he hates loosing. he will never accept that in himself so he blames anyone and anything for his loss even though it's his fault.

Ann Williams

I guess it's possible that he actually believes it if he was listening to his own echo chamber. As it is, Trump supporters themselves fail to believe that people voted for Biden solely because of their dislike of Trump. which is what happened. They are, of course, basing it on his rally sizes. The real facts being, no matter how large his crowds were, they were not made up of all Americans. Since Trump is apparently going on what he thinks he's seeing instead of actual facts, maybe he does believe it. which is sad.

Christine Schumaker

Except the outcome and get on with life. Tried of hearing about Trumps not taking it like a man. Get over it you lost!


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