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Aide hands Biden note during governors meeting: 'Something on your chin'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden on Friday was photographed reading a hand-written note from an aide telling him there is "something" on his chin. "Sir, there is something on your chin," the note, as seen in photos taken by an Associated Press photographer, reads. The photos were taken while the president met with...

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MI Red White N Blue

We used to have to tell Grandpa about those things when his dementia got. bad. I've seen (as anyone who isn't blind sees) Biden exhibiting a lot of dementia type behaviors way back when Obama told him not to run. Sad, his wife should be ashamed of herself for propping the shell of a man up to even consider running. Elder abuse at it's best!

Bruce Kellerman

people wake up he and Harris both have mental health problems and they will not go to get this checked out this is not a laughing matter Harris

Better to laugh

I see him alot of times and he has that hollow eye look. that is a typical in dementia patients. Not picking on anyone or trying to make anything political, just a nurse observing. Its disturbing


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