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Woman accused of degrading her daughter after choosing "tacky" name

Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror

It's impossible to please everyone when deciding on a baby name - and it's not mandatory to have everyone on board with your choice.

But one mum was left fuming after her mother-in-law shared her blunt opinion about her daughter's name.

So she turned to the internet for a little bit of advice, with people divided over what she should do.

While some defended her choice of name, others agreed with her mother-in-law that it was a 'derogatory' choice.

The new mum asked: "I named my daughter “Honey - Charlotte” after my grandmother, I’ve always loved the name Honey and I’m aware when she’s older she may go by Charlotte but I’ve got an unusual name and it’s grown on me.
The mum was outraged at her mother-in-law's comments ( Image: Getty Images)

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"My partner's mother has taken to calling Honey either “princess” or “Lottie” and honestly, I hate the name Lottie and I’ve told her if you want to call her Lola, Charlie, Carly then it’s fine.

"Me and my husband even occasionally call her Harley which was ironically one of our name choices for her.

"I finally called her out on it citing the fact that “Lottie” was the nickname of a family member that I’ve never liked.

"It led to this huge argument about how I’ve set Honey up for a life of mockery and that Honey is a derogatory term for a woman and that she’s going to hate me for this name and that Lottie is a completely normal name for a baby.

"Lottie was her mother’s name and by being upset and preferring a “tacky cheap” name I’m insulting her and my husband."

Many felt that the woman had overcomplicated the issue, by allowing so many names to be used.

One person commented: "Y'all are calling that kid with so many names, my head is spinning. Why can't you just pick a name and stick to it?"

Another said: "Not to be cruel, but I wouldn’t even call a dog that, and this is a human child who will have to put that name on medical records. It’s the name teachers will call out.

"It’s the name she’s going to have to write on job applications and give to academic advisors and uni professors. It’s just stupid. She should have called her Charlotte Honey. Honey has no right to be the first name of a human being."

A third added: "You gave your child a terrible name. Any nickname would be an improvement."

"Some people will have their own personal nickname for your child. You don’t get to police those nicknames unless they are derogatory to the child.

"She will pick what name she likes when she is older. My grandpa calls my sister goose. It didn’t confuse her or anything, it’s just a nickname," argued another.

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Susan S. Wilson

Stand you ground. She is your daughter and my granddaughter had a great grandmother called Honey. Really, you birthed her, you get to name her. Good luck and God bless.

Lecil Woods

Since when calling someone honey is derogatory? That mother in law is out of her mind. It's the baby's parents to name the child not hers!


I never heard the name Lottie in my life on earth. Hey people if she wants to name her baby Honey that is a beautiful name. She had the baby not you all. Mother in-law is you are going to pay her bills then your opinion counts if not shut your mouth and leave this mom alone about her baby did you hear me her baby not yours.


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