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Minnesota White Man Stalks Interracial Couple Then Rams A Stolen SUV Into Their Home

Cover picture for the articleRacists have many, oftentimes stupid ways of showing their bigotry, and one particular white guy from Cold Spring, Minnesota recently decided to give the world a crash course lesson on how low his IQ level could actually go. According to CBS 4 Minnesota, interracial couple Andrea and Phillipe Robinson had...

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Chaya Leah Israel

These comments show you how racism has not change but you want us to turn the cheek and be passive this is a dangerous man What does George Floyd have to do with this man crashing into their house that's a crime Nothing good about stalking

Lois Webster

Now if a biracial couple had Did the same thing to White folks and their family members it would have been a different situation. Either way it was wrong and racist . This action was wrong it was none of his business.

Jacquelin Alexander

Enough! America is the most racist country on the planet, so I am not surprised. Please remind me why this country is called the greatest place to live!!


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