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George P. Bush reacts to former President Trump endorsing his opponent in Texas AG race

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleTexas land commissioner George Prescott Bush said on "The Brian Kilmeade Show" that he will continue to support former President Trump even after Trump endorsed his election opponent, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Trump announced that he would endorse Paxton in the Republican primary for Texas Attorney General over Bush,...

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James Watson

people are starting to wake up!!every candidate that Trump has backed in an election has received the same results he did last year.they LOST so, if you want to win an election you don't need Trump backing you!!!!!

Belinda Hood

it's a shame and still yet they want to follow someone who really doesn't care about our COUNTRY it's about stay above and putting guidelines down that's suitable for themselves look what he did to his Vice president throw him under the bus.. Man oh Man

Lore Verduzco

Oh my goodness.. people people people... sorry ..this is up to the voters in Texas to decide.. The Texas.voters need to do their own research. and not rely on anyone else. . no matter who endorsed who.....


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