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CDC warns in internal document that 'war has changed' with the coronavirus

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a stern warning about the delta variant of the coronavirus: "Acknowledge the war has changed." Now, it says even vaccinated people are able to readily spread the virus. That is part of the message from a recent internal presentation prepared by...

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Robyne Tavares

how bout the CDC saying something about all the illegals coming in and spreading it?maybe they should say something "hey Joe how bout you close those borders and maybe we would have less Covid".

bobby ramirez

were at war with our own government. sooner everyone realizes this the sooner we can fight back n make change. stop watching news, stop living in fear.


I'm done with the bluihlst. I got my shot like a good boy. No more masks. I don't want to get sick. But I refuse to spend the rest of my life holed up in my basement. I'm 60. If I get it, I get it. I have a life to live. I could die tomorrow in a car crash or motorcycle accident. Knock it the kamala off already.


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