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Lincoln, NE

Ricketts to end pandemic executive orders July 30

Cover picture for the articleLINCOLN, Neb. — Executive orders made by Gov. Pete Ricketts are scheduled to expire Friday at 11:59 p.m. This comes one month after the Coronavirus State of Emergency ended. Executive Order 20-37 will end, which will allow people training to be healthcare workers to do that training in-person, or as required, which they weren't able to do during the pandemic.

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Vickie Wernik

Really Rickettes. think this is the best way to go. People are coming up positive after the vaccine. Let alone those who aren't able to take the vaccine due to age or compromised immune. I'm one of those I am almost 46 but have a autoimmune disease that many suffer from called type 1 diabetes. I don't qualify for the extra help but know many who rely on it just to make it right now. The only reason why your stopping the extra help is because you yourself have never had to worry about whether you or your child was going to go without enough to eat. You grew up where that wasn't one of your daily struggles and for that I am happy but you need to spend a month in the life of the average American family to truly understand what it feel like for your child to go to bed hungry or have your parents go to bed hungry. Until you've have you'll never understand how devastating it is.


Thank you for respecting individual rights and personal health decisions! God bless you and keep your save and firm! We (~93 persons) are praying for you!


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