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What's in it for McConnell? Why the 'grim reaper' is backing a Biden priority

NBC News
NBC News

Cover picture for the articleWASHINGTON — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the self-proclaimed "grim reaper" of progressive priorities, broke character Wednesday to advance a major $550 billion deal on infrastructure. Democrats were skeptical throughout the process. Many warned that McConnell, R-Ky., would inevitably swoop in to scuttle a deal and said the party should...

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Kathleen Schumaker

Because if you see beyond your cell phone, we really need our roads, highways, overpasses, and bridges are in great need of repair! And we lost a Whole year getting stuff done! It’s TIME!

Laura Pratt

bc he is week a follower not a leader an has a chinnees wife an heir to her parents COMPANY no worries for him but lots for Americans.

Richard Ferguson

the truth about McConnell is the same for pelosi Biden and all these other old world School Democratsit's just the point that they're from the old school and it doesn't work in today's society it never did and McConnell is just trying to save his old butt because he doesn't have enough money and everybody wants money to make sure that his family continues their way of life so he's going to back anything that the Democrats say because they were threats being made that we don't hear so let's talk that up to that sometimes doing the right thing just ain't doing right thing


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