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New York City, NY

4 New COVID-19 Variants Found In NYC Sewers, Likely Antibody-Resistant

International Business Times

Cover picture for the articleA group of researchers has found four new COVID-19 variants in sewers in New York City and noted that the new strains could reduce the efficacy of existing vaccines. In a preprint study published on medRxiv Thursday, a team of virologists and microbiologists from The City University of New York’s Queens and Queensborough colleges, the New School and the University of Missouri suggested that the four new combinations of COVID mutations could be infecting dogs and rats, which may lead to an outbreak in the city’s sewers.

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So it’s being bred in the homeless people? Nobody else lives down there, and the rats are immune to everything so it’s not brewing in them.

Amy Weber Pettit

Could that be why all the rodents they tried the "vaccine" on died, because they don't carry this man made virus 🤔


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