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'The War Has Changed: Delta Strain Equally Contagious in Vaccinated Cases, Masks a Must, CDC Says


Cover picture for the articleData from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the Delta variant of COVID-19 is equally contagious whether it's contracted by a vaccinated or unvaccinated person. This means that both vaccinated and unvaccinated people are equally capable of transmitting the virus to other people. The data...

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no source of data they are not putting out there is the people that have already had covid are not getting this I'm guessing your own antibodies that you have build up is resisting the variant...but CDC and Dr fauci refuse to list the 99.8% of the people that recovered from covid in any part of there studies.. funny how the human body heals and protects itself... one more thing doctors have studied this shot and concluded the protien in these shots will attach it's self to any new variant and your natural antibiotics have been disrupted due to these shots..seems to be coming true as stats.are showing vaccinated are getting and spreading it

Term limits

Covid changes everyday anyway. Vaccines promised to protect people are not working like people were led to believe. Everyone shoumd wear masks. Kids are in danger now if covid, but schools will be open as planned. Immigrants unvaccinated are shipped around the country. What is really going on?

Darren Parker

No one said the vaccines protect against getting it. what they said was it was. % efficacy from the symtoms of covid. How this works is by suppressing the immune system to not stop the virus. leaving the virus to host uninterrupted and mutate. The vaccinated are feeding this virus and causing the variants. If you had Covid 19 and have immunity to it then get vaccinated you will loose your immunity. who could ever believe or trust anything the goverment says based on its history of how it treats its agenda 21 you think they were joking. Bill came right out and said they will reduce the population by 15% threw Vaccines, Health Care, and Planned Parenthood. So now the Vaccinated are slaves to the goverment for more shots because there immune system is not working. This looks to me like it was all planned by your leaders in goverment. You don't have to pay people to take something that would lives. I wish no harm to anybody Good luck to all


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