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Daniel Cormier Drops Dustin Poirier Wife Bombshell

Cover picture for the articleDaniel Cormier is a celebrated UFC icon much like Conor McGregor – however, Cormier believes that the ‘Infamous One’ has gone too far in his presuet of trash talk. During a recent edition of his ever-popular ESPN show DC &RC, Cormier explained how he believes the personal attacks on family members by Conor McGregor such as Dustin Poirier’s wife, and accusations of inappropriate DM’s, and Khabib’s father went too far and over the line. Credit to MMA Fighting for the below transcription. Daniel Cormier recently ‘exposed’ this rigged UFC Vegas 32 fight.

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Jay Lock

So you use a misleading Title as clickbait for what is an otherwise boring article. Maybe the author should just "report" on something people actually want to read.


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