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Mike Tyson Stunned By ‘Racist’ Jake Paul Insult

Cover picture for the articleMike Tyson has never really held back when it came to saying some off-handed things about white people. In fact, Mike Tyson continues to do so today, maybe not as harsh, but yet, still enough to feel that there’s some deep rooted issues going on that Tyson hasn’t addressed yet as he has with many of his other demons in the past…Deontay Wilder ‘Health Problem’ Before Fury Fight Leaks.

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North Ga user

If he can say those things without hate then other can also say different things that may sound racist but without hate too.

my mind

Mike is just saying that some blacks go into a fight overconfident because their opponent is white... and good luck with that

Dennis Bishop

what people really need to look at was why was that a racist statement? is it because he said Jake was white , he said people see blond hair and blues eyes and think oh he is a white b*#@h. it sounds more descriptive than racist.. don't know why everyone just feels the need to jump up in an uproar ,when describing someone, everyone says what color someone is a description!! are applications racist when they ask for color, the license branch puts your race on your drivers license, are they being racist..nope, it is part of your description. people are running around too sensitive. too quick to look for negatives..cheer up people, change for the good is good. quit wasting energy on ignorance!!


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