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Kim Kardashian Rattles Through the Law Exam – And for the 2nd Time

Cover picture for the articleOnce again, Kim Kardashian has rolled through law books and studied paragraphs for free: The reality TV star falls through the law exam – and for the second time. In the grand finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” (seasons 9 to 16 stream here on TVNOW), the 40-year-old learns that it didn’t work out again.

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ryan persaud

Doesn't she know people studied 4 plus years to pass the bar exam . Most people have to take it more then two times and pay for it. Plus pay extra money for studie services to pass the bar exam and practice exams. Being a lawyer takes brains and just laying on back taking it doesn't make you smart enough to pass the bar exam . If she is serous she should enroll in a real law based program and do it the right way . Learn from professors who took the bar and take thier courses for many years to be successful. Also internships in law firms so she learns how the lawyers job requires so many hours of research with different sources of information.

Richard Diaz

"For Khloe and her family, it would have been a miracle if Kim had passed the exam with all the personal stress." Give me a break. Personal stress or no, it'll be a miracle if she ever passes. These people make all kinds of excuses for her. How about she failed because she just isn't smart enough.?

Corey Rosales

Oh Goodness now they want to be part of The Law System “”That’s a No”” for this people keep them in the Botox line.


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