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Republicans challenge Pelosi after Capitol Police are ordered to arrest those not complying with mask mandate

Washington Examiner

Cover picture for the articleRep. Thomas Massie, a Kentucky Republican, said Thursday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might as well come to his office and arrest his entire staff for not wearing masks. U.S. Capitol Police officers were directed to arrest staff members or visitors who refuse either to comply or leave the premises after being asked, according to a bulletin from Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.

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Derek Schmid

Wait Pelosi not in charge of police for poor planning on January 6. But now in charge of capital police on the mask mandate. Confused!

Carol Richey Ensley

I'm confused...she had no authority on Jan 6th to get help from Metro Police or National Guard...But now she's in charge of police over mask...but not during a riot at the WH....

Papa Funyuns

The data they use for the mask was from a study in India that got redacted then tried to cover it up and say oh no it wasn’t redacted. they want fear. ivermectin has a 99.8% to help treat Covid and they’re trying to stop it from becoming Pubic even tho it was approved in the 90’s wonder government we live in


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