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Fact check: Quote about Bible falsely attributed to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene


The claim: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said, 'Jesus loves the U.S. most, and that is why the Bible is written in English'

Six months after entering Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., is yet again the  subject of a falsely attributed quote on social media.

"'Jesus loves the U.S. most and that is why the Bible is written in English.' – Marjorie Taylor Greene," reads a July 26 Facebook post that has been shared almost 400 times.

There's no evidence Greene ever made this statement. The quote has been around since as early as 2013, USA TODAY found, when it was attributed to then-Rep. Michele Bachmann , R-Minn .

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USA TODAY reached out to the poster for comment.

No evidence Greene made statement

USA TODAY found no evidence that Greene said, "Jesus loves the U.S. most and that is why the Bible is written in English."

Nick Dyer, Greene's communications director, told USA TODAY the claim is not true.

While Greene has mentioned the Bible on social media, an in-depth search of her Twitter accounts, where she posts almost daily, shows no records of the statement.

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There was also no sign of the statement on ProPublica's "Politwoops," a website that tracks deleted tweets by public officials.

A Google search returned a list of independent fact checks debunking this same claim.

The only prior reference USA TODAY found online was in 2013 when an image of Bachmann was shared on Reddit with the same caption. It was debunked as there was no evidence the former congresswoman ever said that.

Greene has been the target of misattributed quotes before. In February, USA TODAY debunked a similar Facebook post claiming Greene said, "If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for us."

Bible originally written in mix of languages

While the Bible has been translated into hundreds of languages, the original wasn't written in English.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America says Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic are "the original languages of the Holy Bible from which all the translations have been delivered."

Aramaic was the most common language in much of the Middle East during Jesus' lifetime, while Hebrew had been chosen as the preferred language for religious scholars and scriptures at the time.

The Old Testament is believed to have been written in Hebrew for the most part, with some sections in Aramaic, while the New Testament was written in Greek.

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The first instances of English date back to the Fifth Century when three groups of Germanic citizens – the Anglos, Saxons and Jutes – moved to current Great Britain and used Celtic and Latin words to create "Old English."

That timeline puts the creation of English about 200 years after the first official establishment and compilation of biblical texts .

Our rating: False

We rate FALSE the claim that Greene said, "Jesus loves the U.S. most and that's why the Bible is written in English." There's no evidence Greene made that statement, which dates back as a spoof quote more than a decade. The congresswoman's communications director says the claim is not true.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Fact check: Quote about Bible falsely attributed to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Vickie Sanchez

I'm truly concerned for Republicans and followers. GOP has forgotten their oaths of office to the country's constitution. My family hasn't been rich or famous, but we believe in God, country & family. Republicans are doing everything to keep their power, rights & positions, but have forgotten they took an oath to protect the rights of all American citizens not just those they agree with. Stop worshipping Trump and kneeling before the golden idol. At least try to get back some of your integrity & self respect. History books will show what has been done & by whom. Whether I agree or not with any politician I do believe Democrats are at trying. Once McConnell stated that at no time would Republicans allow any of Biden’s policies to pass, he told all of America that Republicans would never work with Democrats or the President. McConnell drew a line in the sand. 🇺🇲


jesus loves everybody, or he wouldn't had made other countries and the ppl that live in those countries, and we are all his children, jesus loves the little children of the world, red, yellow, black and white, he is precious in their sight, jesus loves the little children of the world


So Greene, just like all batshitcrazy religious people cherry picking the Bible. Then make up bshit to suit their crazy religious beliefs.


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