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CNN's Cuomo tells restaurant owner: 'You sound like an idiot' for denying service to vaccinated customers

The Hill
The Hill

CNN host Chris Cuomo conducted a testy interview with a California restaurant owner who is requesting customers prove they are not vaccinated, an exchange that ended with the host telling the business man he sounds "like an idiot."

"This is not an anti-vaccine stand, it's a pro-freedom stand," Tony Roman, who owns and operates Basilico’s in Huntington Beach, told Cuomo on Wednesday night. "That's what you're not getting."

Cuomo asked Roman, "what is the difference when you are ignoring the science that says when you get vaccinated you protect yourself you protect the people around you and you help us get out of this pandemic?"

Roman rejected Cuomo's assertion and deflected, asking him "why did you leave your house when you had COVID? It has been documented."

"First of all, it has been documented. My ass, it has been documented," Cuomo shot back, before directing the conversation back to the restaurant owner's refusal to get vaccinated or serve those who have been.

"The science is clear. I don't want you to get sick ," Cuomo told Roman, suggesting he had hoped the refusal was part of a "publicity stunt."

"All of a sudden you care about me," Roman mocked Cuomo. "Maybe we should ask your brother about protecting people," he said, referring to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), who was embroiled last year in a scandal involving nursing homes and coronavirus-infected patients.

"Tony it doesn't make sense, it really doesn't," Cuomo told Roman of his stance on vaccines, ending Wednesday night's interview.

"I made my case and you didn't have much to say," Roman scoffed at the host.

"Honestly, you sound like an idiot, so there's not much to say," Cuomo said.

"And so do you," Roman responded.

"Only for having you on the show," Cuomo laughed. "That was my only mistake."

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Martin Harrison

if you can refuse service for unvaccinated than you can refuse service for vaccinated.

Michael Lynn Vinton

Big thumbs up for you Tony. You should reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason you may see fit. Awesome you'll have my support no matter what buddy.

Chell Brit

thanks for having guts to speak your heart. they care less what happens to us. it's about control. praying their evil plans are exposed


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