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Suni Lee’s father had emotional message for Simone Biles

Larry Brown Sports
Larry Brown Sports
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Suni Lee took home her first ever gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics on Thursday, and her father was quick to give credit to Simone Biles. Lee, who is 18, won the women’s gymnastics all-around final. Biles was heavily favored to win the event for a second straight Olympics, but she withdrew due to mental health issues she has been having. After Lee posted a score of 57.433 to win the gold, her father John Lee told “TODAY” that there is “no words to express” how much the medal means to his family. He then had a message for Biles.

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Bunnie Tillman

I felt the same way Dad...❤️💯. Simone was gracious enough to let someone shine at a moment of crisis's. It takes cuts to admit that. you are struggling and she will be stronger for that in the future. #Teamwork makes the Dream Works!❤️

Paula Maupin Wynn

THIS is the problem! These rude, ignorant comments show why mental health is such an issue in our country. If Simone had broken a bone, no one would question her decision to not compete, but the fact that her mind wasn't in the proper place is being attacked. She could've seriously injured herself if her mind wasn't all in it. She also could've been selfish, competed poorly, and pulled our score down so we didn't even win a bronze. Unless you can do what SHE can do or have been in HER position, don't armchair quarterback her life. She made the decision that was best for HER, which she has EVERY right to do. If her teammates are supportive, then the rest of us should be!

Anthony Murray

so sad judging her for putting her teammates first and giving someone else the chance to win she's not selfish she's great and always will be


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