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Tom Cotton vows to block Biden US attorney nominee Rachael Rollins, who has lengthy do-not-prosecute list

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., on Thursday vowed to block the confirmation of President Biden's nominee Rachael Rollins to lead the U.S. attorney's office in Massachusetts, saying her soft-on-crime approach as a district attorney would only add to the rising crime wave across the country. "Democrats have defunded police departments, stopped...

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Aaron Boisse

It seems odd that McConnell and the whole of the Republican Party would be surprised that so many people don't want to get Vaccinated.. Since 85 Per Cent of those people are Republicans.,, Since Trump downplayed this Virus .. McCarthy is bitching about wearing masks even today .. Yes the Republicans just continue to falter on every level. They are a completely out of touch Party. From the Virus to the Stimulus .. From voting rights to Jan 6,th..,,.. It's no wonder so many are leaving the Party and breaking rank. Enough is Enough ..

Beverly Gribble

we also can agree on one thing these democraps are trying to overthrow our goverment and the Constitution. !!!!!! this must not happen !!!!!!!

Vicente Ward

Reminder the investigation is underway and a few of the GOP members maybe on the hook for Jan 6 insurrection, and mostly their veto will remove from the record, if they are found in bad standings under article 14


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