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Baby born with twin inside her stomach in extremely rare pregnancy

The Hill
The Hill
  • A fetus-in-fetu occurs once in every 500,000 births.
  • Top experts performed an operation to remove two sacs out of the girl’s stomach.
  • The baby girl survived and is expected to make a full recovery

A newborn baby shocked doctors after an x-ray revealed she carried a twin fetus inside her stomach.

The case, known as a fetus-in-fetu, occurs once in every 500,000 births, according to The Times of Israel.

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Doctors first noticed the baby girl had an enlarged stomach when they performed a late-stage ultrasound on the mother, The New York Post reports.

When the baby was born, doctors performed an x-ray and other tests, discovering that she harbored a partially-developed embryo with some bones and a heart.

“We were surprised to discover that it was an embryo,” Omer Globus, director of neonatology at Assuta, told the Times of Israel.

Top experts performed an operation to remove two sacs out of the girl’s stomach.

“We think that there was more than one there, and we are still checking that,” he said.

The baby girl survived and is expected to make a full recovery, Globus said.

The girl is already living at home with her mother and three other siblings.

As to how this could have happened, Globus says rare occurrences such as these start off as twins but then one of the embryos is absorbed by the other.

“It happens as part of the fetal development process when there are cavities that close during development and one of the embryos enters such a space,” he said. “The fetus inside partially develops but does not live and remains there.”


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CHope Hall

I woke in the middle of the night with the worst pain I had ever had. I woke my husband and we went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and was sent to a larger hospital for a complete hysterectomy asap. When the surgery was done and the materials removed and sent for evaluation. It was an undeveloped twin. They found hair, fingers, intestines, and other fetal materials. This had been in me my insides my whole life. I was thankful it wasn't cancer, but had always wanted a twin. This was before the days of ultrasound so I never had a clue til I had the horrible pain. No problems since and all is well. I am thankful. God is good and it is well.

Vickie Andrus

My friends early teen daughter went through something like this. She started having abdominal pains and saw what they thought was a tumor. After removing it, Dr’s realized it contained some hair and other things. The daughter should have had a twin. The Dr’s were surprised as they had not seen this before. With counseling she learned how to help her deal with this. She is now married and has children!!


I knew a pair of little girls who had this both ended living and are happy and healthy last time I talked to the family it was nice knowing them I went to school with their older sister


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