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Biden’s truly bizarre behavior draws renewed scrutiny

Washington Times

Cover picture for the articlePresident Joe Biden, 78, last week delivered a rambling and bizarre answer to a question from CNN host Don Lemon that prompted renewed questions about his mental acuity. “When will children under 12 be able to get vaccinated?” Lemon asked. Here’s Biden answer (and we swear we’re not making this up):

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Italian Queen

Biden clearly is a sick man that lacks leadership and should NOT be in the position he’s in. Kamala Harris does not know the first thing about being the Vice President of a country. The chaos America is in today is caused by this administration. They need to be removed from the White House before a revolution starts.


When his handlers have used him up, he will step down for health reasons. Then what. Headboard Harris. It only gets worse from here.

Debbie Youngblood
28d ago

Yes where are the people who asked for Trump to take a cognitive test? They should be asking for Biden to do the same thing. You'd think that the democrates would want him to take one just to prove us wrong. What are they afraid of?


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