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WATCH: Elizabeth Warren Pushes Back on Pelosi, Says Biden ‘Does Have the Power’ to Cancel $50K in Student Debt

Cover picture for the articleMassachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren contradicted Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, telling CNN host Don Lemon that President Joe Biden “does have the power” to unilaterally cancel $50,000 in student loan debt. Earlier this week, Senator Warren appeared at a press conference on student debt, and addressed Biden directly by...

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Whether or not Biden had that power is not the issue. To cancel the student loans is unfair to the banks, which are businesses and not charities. Secondly it’s unfair to all the students who did the honorable thing by paying off their loans. Thirdly it sends a bad message to students that if you get in trouble that big nanny government will always bail you out.

Because I Can

Student debt skyrocketed when the government took over the program and gave loans to those that hade never paid for anything. It was doomed to failure. The demoturds immediately started demanding free tuition. Again trying to buy votes.

Frederick Faust

Fauxcahantas is back! Make the schools with their multi billion dollar endowments eat the debt. It would be poetic justice for the elite academia crowd to pay for their own Wokeness. Instead of teaching marketable subjects They offer crazy degrees that are useless to employers and they further lack critical thinking skills. As evidenced by Warren still having a platform.


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