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'The Bernie Mac Show' Star Camille Winbush Is All Grown Up but Fans Believe Bernie Would Disapprove of Revealing Posts


Camille Winbush is a former child star, and it is safe to say that fans mostly remember as the teenager on TV. Winbush has had to clamp down on some rumors about her opening an OnlyFans account.

Hollywood actress Camille Winbush played a witty and headstrong teenager, Vanessa Thomkins, on "The Bernie Mac Show." These days the star is all grown and showing her expertise in other spheres of entertainment.

However, it seemed many fans had not gone past the image of her as a little girl on TV. The star received some backlashes after she posted some revealing information and updates about herself.


The actress took to her Instagram page, where she shared a statement addressing the critics. The actress noted that after she made her post, fans were quite supportive, but she couldn't quite shake off the negative comments.

The star pointed out that she was not broke or desperate for money. She addressed the comments about her TV uncle Bernie Mac "turning his grave," as she noted that he was not.

She implored fans to stop making such insinuations even if they were seen as light jokes. The "Minor Adjustment' star noted that she was not desperate for a job or in dire need of money.

She pointed out how she used to be quite conscious of people's opinions about her, adding that all that had changed. Winbush added at the time that she was turning 31 and could make her own choices.


Prior to Winbush's address to critics, she announced that she would be joining OnlyFans and keeping up with her fans on a more personal level. However, it was not well-received by some of her fans.

Many took to social media calling her out and insinuating that the late Bernie Mac would not have approved of it. Most people were critical about her announcement because of the usual explicit content on OnlyFans.

The star had shared in her announcement that she would be posting and selling content via the media platform. She later added another address, noting that she was joining OnlyFans and doing it her way.

She gave an outline of the contents to be expected, noting that she would be speaking her mind, singing, dancing, and posting exclusive content. The star pointed out that the page would not be for men only.

Winbush promised to share her self-care routine and regular Q&A session on her page. Winbush emphasized what she meant by doing things her own way. She relayed that it had to do with posting minimal nudity.

The "Everything But A Man" actress is quite vocal with her thoughts, and she often expresses her opinions on social media. During one of her musings, Winbush gave her approval on expressing one's expectations in a relationship.


Hollywood talent scouts quickly recognized the expertise that Winbush bore as a child, and she became a TV regular. At the age of two, she starred in her first role on "Vipers."

Winbush moved on to appear in shows like "Strong Medicine" and "Minor Adjustments." Her most notable role on TV was on "The Bernie Mac Show," and she starred from 2001 to 2006.

Winbush was fourteen when she made news headlines for her hard work and business acumen. The star was said to have opened her own Ice cream parlor, Baked Ice, in Pasadena, California.

At the time, she shared that it was an exciting experience, and she was happy to have the support of her family. While Winbush was working on set, her aunt, Florie Taylor, managed the ice cream parlor.

The youngster explained that she worked on set for a little over 9 hours, and if she was not too tired, she would go over to her ice cream parlor. These days, Winbush continues her Hollywood career as an adult, taking up more grown-up roles.

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