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Chris Brown Appears To Respond To DaBaby Controversy

Cover picture for the articleThis weekend, DaBaby set off his latest controversy by spewing homophobic hate at the Rolling Loud festival, shaming his gay fans, and spreading harmful misinformation about AIDS and HIV. His comments have sparked rebuttals from Dua Lipa, Elton John, Amber Rose, Ts Madison, and plenty of others who were offended by his words. DaBaby keeps digging a deeper hole for himself to crawl out of though, "apologizing" and only making things worse by insinuating that his gay fans aren't the "nasty" ones with STDs.

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Dj Chozen

Yeah man you best take Chris Breezys advice at least this time. These queer as FOLK people are protected by the Queer as FOLK that run this world and now is not the time to tell people to Man up or marriage ahold be between man and woman as GOD intended. Just let them be, and continue to be the REAL MAN that you are and keep it moving. SATAN is on a real mission right now and anyone who's Godley is definitely the enemy right now.

Bill Bixby

who cares about what Chris brown say,same dude that beat women talking,same dude that don't like dark skin women,hahaha

beatrice ducre

CB are right entertainers should just entertain thank their fans and go home or wherever they go. It's two many things going on in the world that Dababy can speak out on and make a big difference.


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