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4th stimulus check update: $2,000 payment petition, $1,000 for teachers, $600 in California


Cover picture for the articleIs a fourth stimulus check off the table now? While there's still public support for additional relief aid -- including a petition calling for $2,000 extra per month -- Congress is keeping talk of another round of payments on the back burner this summer and there's nothing about another payment included in any of President Joe Biden's recent proposals. Signs of an economic rebound and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout could be factors, though it's still debatable how the recovery will play out.

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Jess Lynn

what about the essential workers you remember those ones who kept grocery stores open? I mean what about the front line workers who have been here since the beginning ? we're is our bonus stimulus check???

mike mike

teachers getting 1,000 bucks for? being off work for about 17 months, with pay, and all you hired by the people, are getting their paychecks, but elderly who live on, and I'm referring to myself, fixed income, I can't get food stamps, or afford my rent, and my utilities are nuts, so my air conditioner is on 85 degrees, but that 50 years of working, federal taxes FICA, state, local, personal property tax in Missouri, you never, ever own anything, nada, but give teachers a reward for sitting home? serious?

cheesus Christ

Teachers are going to get more for doing nothing these past two years!? First the fake virus then the fake election! Since when did we let libtard cry babies take over this country!


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