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Carson Wentz’s Vaccination Status Could Affect The Philadelphia Eagles

CBS Philly
CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Carson Wentz isn’t a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles anymore, but fans will still keep an eye on him this season. And on Wednesday, he dropped some potential news that might concern his former team.

On the first day of the Indianapolis Colts’ training camp, Wentz declined to say he was vaccinated, citing a “personal decision.”

Wentz wore a mask during his entire media session. According to the NFL’s mandate , unvaccinated players must wear masks during media availability.

There’s a chance that Wentz was being cautious, but he also could’ve just said he was vaccinated.

If Wentz isn’t vaccinated and doesn’t eventually plan to, it could potentially affect the draft pick the Eagles acquired for him earlier this year.

If Wentz plays at least 75% of the Colts’ snaps or if he plays 70% and they make the playoffs, the conditional 2022 second-round pick turns into a first-round pick.

Unvaccinated players have completely different protocols compared to vaccinated players. If a vaccinated player tests positive and is asymptomatic, they can return to their team after two negative tests 24 hours apart. But for unvaccinated players, the 2020 protocols remain in place, which requires a 10-day isolation period.

A 10-day isolation period could mean Wentz misses two straight games for the Colts. It’s unclear how missing a game due to being unvaccinated will affect a player’s snap count, but this development could be the difference between the Eagles getting a first-round pick or not.

Wentz has played at least 70% of the snaps every year in his career except in 2018 when he played 68 percent. On top of potentially not being vaccinated, Wentz’s injury history could affect the 2022 draft pick as well.

Meanwhile, general manager Howie Roseman revealed at the Eagles’ first training camp practice that at least 90% of the team is vaccinated. Quarterback Jalen Hurts said he is vaccinated, too.

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