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How technology is changing the advertising industry

Business Insider
Business Insider
 13 days ago

  • Technology has upended the advertising business.
  • Ad tracking and consumer habit changes are fueling new companies and forcing advertisers to scramble to keep up.
  • Here's a breakdown of Insider's coverage of how ad buyers and sellers are impacted.
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The advertising industry is going through big changes as technology changes upend consumer habits and where and how marketers reach them.

Apple and Google's phasing out third-party cookies threatens to upend longstanding ad targeting practices. The acceleration of streaming TV and online shopping have fueled new sellers of advertising.

These trends have fueled new agencies specializing in digital advertising and led to a flurry of deals and investment in ad tech companies .

Here's a roundup of Insider's coverage of how these trends impact advertising's biggest buyers and sellers, including WPP , Omnicom , Google, and Amazon .

The crackdown on ad tracking is changing advertising

Targeting changes are forcing advertisers to come up with new ways to reach consumers. Google and Apple have sent shockwaves through the ad industry when they announced changes that would put an end to longstanding ad targeting practices in the face of pro-privacy regulation.

Those moves have led marketers, their agencies, and adtech companies like LiveRamp and The Trade Desk scrambling to find workarounds.

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Marketing meets tech
Employees work at the chocolate maker Mars Chocolate France plant in Haguenau.

Companies are finding new ways to zap ads at people by building homegrown tools, using targeted ads, or ​​snapping up ad tech and martech companies.

Brands like Anheuser-Busch , Mars , P&G and L'Oréal are scrambling to gather data on consumers as platforms clamp down on ad targeting and e-commerce accelerates.

And experts from across the industry are working to figure out how to replace longstanding ad targeting practices being phased out.

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Adtech is hot again

Even as advertisers slashed their spending in the economic downturn, the rise of streaming TV and online shopping has benefitted adtech companies that connect ad buyers and sellers and solve advertising and marketing problems.

Investors are pouring money into firms like like TVision DoubleVerify that are solving problems in digital advertising. Other firms are going public as Wall Street falls back in love with adtech . Email marketing is getting a new look as reliable way to target consumers.

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Ad agencies are getting disrupted

While the established holding companies scramble to adapt to the digital shift, new ad companies focused on digital specialities and armed with new private-equity funding threaten to take their place.

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Retailers are seeking a piece of the ad pie
Instacart is adding 30-minute delivery.

A new set of companies sees an opportunity in selling advertising include food delivery companies, online retailers, and brick-and-mortar grocers. They're hoping to replicate the success of Amazon , which claimed 10.3% of the US digital ad market in 2020 and is competing with Google and Facebook for ad budgets.

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