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228 GOP lawmakers call on Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

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(CNN) — Nearly 230 Republican members of Congress told the Supreme Court on Thursday that it should overturn Roe v. Wade and release its "vise grip on abortion politics." The new brief is the latest filing in a dispute that will be heard next term and represents the most significant abortion-related case the justices have taken up in nearly a half a century. The 6-3 conservative court, bolstered by three of former President Donald Trump's appointees, could gut, or invalidate court precedent, and that's what the GOP lawmakers are calling for.

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David Wilson

Women are going to get Abortions whether it's Legal or Not,as they have been for Thousands of Years. If you Make it Illegal Again,you're just going to have "Hanger Abortions" and More Dead Women.

Sister Thomas

I thought Republicans were for small government? Women are in control of their own bodies, we don't need some government official telling us what we can and cannot do with it. Whether or not we get an abortion has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else, doesn't affect your life no matter how much you disagree with it. Basically, MYOB!!

Viva Satire!!

Religious Zealots should not be in Congress, they should be in psychiatric treatment, for their control issues regarding what American women do with their own bodies.


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