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Jamie Lee Curtis reveals her 25-year-old daughter is transgender: ‘We have watched in wonder and pride’

The Independent
The Independent
Jamie Lee Curtis attends the 2020 National Board Of Review Gala on 8 January 2020 in New York City (ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Jamie Lee Curtis has shared for the first time that her 25-year-old daughter Ruby is transgender.

Curtis made the announcement with her daughter’s permission in a new cover interview with AARP The Magazine.

She said she and her husband Christopher Guest “have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby”.

Curtis told the magazine that Ruby, a computer gaming editor, is planning to get married next year. Curtis herself will officiate the ceremony.

Ruby is one of two children adopted by Curtis and Guest. The pair have another daughter, 34-year-old Annie, a dance instructor.

On Instagram, Curtis shared a photo of her AARP The Magazine cover and wrote: “I very rarely smile in photographs. An old idea. I couldn't help myself though during this shoot with @aarp @brianbowensmith because I AM SO HAPPY!

“Happy to be me. Happy to be having such a creative time [working on two Halloween films]. Happy that I'm sober and clear. Happy that my family is safe and flourishing. Happy that my little company @my_hand_in_yours has raised over $300,000 for [Children's Hospital LA]. ... LIFE IS SWEET! It takes a village to make a cover!”

Curtis starred in the 2019 Knives Out. She will be featured in Halloween Kills, scheduled for release in October this year in the US and in the UK, and in Halloween Ends in 2022.

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Ryan Henry

a man cannot be a woman and a woman cannot be a man. to see so many reinforce a person's belief is literally encouraging them to go with their mental disorder. gender dysphoria is a serious mental illness that has been diagnosed since the 70s. if someone heard voices and sees things, do we further reinforce to them that its all real or do we tell them it's in their heads?

Andrea Patterson

Wow...the child of a celebrity is part of the LMNOPQ+ community. That's so odd as that never happens. I have to wonder why so many celebrity children are so confused...their parents maybe.

Paul Edward Greggs

she is proud her son is now her daughter. okay something is wrong with this picture. people have forgotten that this is a mental illness. people think because this is off the dsm that it's not. it was taken off the dsm for political reasons. this is a mental illness and shame on Ms Curtis for overlooking the obvious and getting her son help. wow!!


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