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McConnell says 'it never occurred' to him that convincing Americans to get vaccinated would be difficult


Cover picture for the articleSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wasn’t aware it would be difficult to convince Americans to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. "Here, we did — developed three highly effective vaccines in under one year. Honestly, it never occurred to me we would have difficulty getting people to take the vaccine," McConnell told Fox Business host Larry Kudlow on Wednesday.

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Really? Not sure where he’s been but a large proportion of people in this country trust nothing that comes out of our federal government. So it should be no surprise whatsoever and then you add on top of that distrust of the pharmaceutical industry.

john Bishoo

Thats because there is not intelligence test required to be a politician. All you need is greed and charisma. Its not particular hard to go to the FDA's website and to see that the vaccines from covid 19 were all given emergency status and that NONE were subjected to Investigative New Drug (IND) screening and investigation through primate testing to see what the short term, long term, and negative side effects are and whether they are safe for us to consume, thats literally all that is keep some intelligent people from getting the vaccines, that and they don't guarantee safety from breakthrough infections, nor does it keep you from carrying it/spreading it.

Famous Jerry

He’s not living in reality, 38% will not get it if you threaten to kill them! White black democrat and republican, people do not trust the government!


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