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Angela Deem: Look, I'm Friends With Other 90 Day Fiance Stars! Don't Fire Me!

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Cover picture for the article90 Day Fiance fans and viewers have had enough of Angela Deem's bad behavior, both on and off screen. The fan petitions to have her fired from the show have been enough to make Angela melt down with fury. Now, it appears that Angela is trying a new approach to...

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Angela can change her looks via surgery but inside she’s still the same crude, nasty mouth old lady who treats her husband like a slave.

Michaela Herrick

All that weight loss and plastic surgery isn't going to fix your soul. Your behavior is disgusting. And this is coming from an actual strong woman. Strong women don't seek to vulgarly berate, degrade, abuse, and hold hostage (physically or emotionally) anyone, much less those they claim to love most. To tack on, "Because I am an AMERICAN" makes it even more viscerally disturbing. Lady, you are the reason people from outside of our country think so lowly of Americans. Now that your physical health is on an uptick, go fix that mental health. Also, #freemichael

Phyllis Kennedy Walker

Fire her, I believe Michael really loves her, but she need to do better if she wants to keep her job. Please find Michael another WOMAN that can give him children.


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