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Biden is NOT ruling out fourth stimulus check – as $2,500 bonus money debunked

The US Sun
The US Sun

JOE Biden has not ruled out sending Americans a fourth stimulus check after bogus claims about a $2,500 payment emerged on social media.

The slew of posts on Facebook claiming that the United States government will provide another round of stimulus relief at the end of July were all part of an elaborate hoax.
Biden has not ruled out sending Americans a fourth stimulus check Credit: Getty

The posts, which have been shared and seen by thousands, falsely claimed that a fourth round of stimulus money, this time for $2,500, had been approved by Congress and people would start receiving them on July 30.

Biden is still considering a fourth relief payment: Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on June 3 that he's "open to a range of ideas" when it comes to his American Jobs and Families Plan.

"But he’s also proposed what he thinks is going to be the most effective for the short term," she added.

Reports indicate there's no plan for a fourth round of payments because it's too soon after the third round of checks, which are still being sent out.

The news comes after the fake stimulus check announcement did the rounds on social media.


"And it passed for 15 minutes ago," the bogus post from July 15 read. "WE GET ANOTHER STIMULUS CHECK FOR $2500 at July 30, 2021.

"We did it!!! The article below tells u what you need to do to receive it quickly and how to track it. I already filled out my form."

Another read: "It passed 10 minutes ago! EVERYONE GETS ANOTHER STIMULUS CHECK FOR $2500 on July 30, 2021.

stimulus checks live blog for the latest updates on Covid-19 relief...

"They did it!!! The article below tells you what you need to do to get yours direct deposited and how to receive it quicker and how to track it!"

The posts included a link that led through to an image of an ape holding up its middle finger.

While many acknowledged the posts to be a joke, others appeared to fall for the stunt and numerous others were seen asking if the claims were true.

We get another stimulus check for $2,500!

As part of Facebook's efforts to combat misinformation on its platform, the second post was flagged as potentially misleading.

The original post, meanwhile, was deleted but was still screenshotted and shared widely across social media.

It has been four months since Congress signed the America Rescue Plan into law, providing millions of eligible Americans with checks of up to $1,400.

While some lawmakers have pushed for a fourth round of direct payments, so far nothing has been decided.

A petition started last year by Denver-based restaurant owner Stephanie Bonin is finally nearing its goal of three million signatures.

Bonin's petition calls for $2,000 monthly payments for adults and $1,000 for children until the pandemic's end. There are five other petitions calling for similar measures but no official decision has been made yet.

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user Ok

Theirs nothing in these bill for social security and veterans , no we didn’t loose our income but the price of everything has gone up. Now we have to chose to eat or pay bills.

Allie Carpenter

he needs hurry up and give it to us now I'm behind on my rent my utilities and getting lower groceries it's hard to make it on social security

Denise Elersich

Look I'm not saying they shouldn't get check if they can but what about social security why is it that the elderly are forgotten I'm on fixed income it's just my social security check I'm barley making it by the time you pay rent utilities and food there's nothing left and I mean nothing so What about us Mr President what are we to do


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