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Trolls accuse me of hating my daughter because I gave her such an unusual name but I don’t care, it’s pretty

The US Sun
The US Sun

WHEN it comes to your child's name, you're never going to please everyone - either you raise eyebrows by picking something really out there or play it totally safe.

Well if you find yourself in the former category, then can we offer some advice? Maybe don't share it on TikTok... because chances are, you'll get trolled.
The mum was trolled for her daughter's baby name Credit: @thekoscalgirls/Tiktok

One person who knows a little something about this is mum-of-two Jordan.

Earlier this week, the mum told her 35,900 followers that she took inspiration from the Twilight books when choosing her daughter's name.

In the hit series, Bella and Edward merge their mothers' names for their child Renesmee - and Jordan decided to tweak the spelling slightly.

"Yes her name is Renesmae," the mum said in a viral video. "Yes, it's from Twilight.

"Y'all act like it's not uncommon to get a name from a book/movie."

Justifying her unusual choice of name, Jordan captioned the clip: "If you truly think about it, everyone is technically named after someone."

It didn't take long for the clip to blow up on TikTok and it's currently had over 585,000 views - but not everyone had nice things to say about the little girl's name.

In response to the backlash, Jordan filmed a follow-up video where she worked her way through some of the rude questions she'd received.

If you truly think about it, everyone is technically named after someone.

Quoting the trolls, the mum wrote: "Do you hate your daughter or something? Do you know you spelled it wrong idiot?"

The video then promoted viewers to share their own unusual monikers.

"We named our kids Anakin from Star Wars," one replied. "I love your daughter's name."

Another added: "I love it. Renesmae is beautiful."

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "I'm not a fan of the name but I respect the choice for it. I doubt half these people that say s*** are even ever going to meet her."
People accused her of 'hating' her daughter Credit: @thekoscalgirls/Tiktok
Jordan took inspiration from the Twilight saga Credit: Handout

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nom de plume

Name your child what you want, but if you feel like you have to announce it in social media for some inane reason expect to get backlash from strangers.

Last Man Standing

It seems that some parents think only of themselves and not the future of their kids. Remember the boy named Sue? Oh, I guess THAT wouldn’t be a big deal now. Lol.

Patricia Barnes

Why should anyone have a say in what someone names their child. It is after all their child. I agree, if a child doesn’t like their name change it when they turn 18. People are so busy butting into other’s lives instead of living their own life.


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