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ASK IRA: Will it be either Trevor Ariza or Andre Iguodala for Heat?

South Florida Sun Sentinel
South Florida Sun Sentinel

Q: Ira, Trevor Ariza and Andre Iguodala play very similar in the Heat rotation. Do you think Miami will come to the point this free agency that if they resign Iguodala, they don’t get Ariza? And if they re-sign Ariza, then they don’t get Iguodala? Or maybe both might be part of the opening night roster? — Edward, Sunrise.

A: The sense is that Andre Iguodala likely has contributed to his final game with the Heat. That doesn’t mean that the Heat couldn’t possibly hold on to Andre as salary-cap ballast to include in a trade with his team option, just that it is high unlikely he is viewed as a component of the rotation going forward. Trevor Ariza, by contrast, well could have a role in the Heat rotation if his eagerness to be with the team is that same as when he joined the team at this past season’s trading deadline. The Heat hold early-Bird Rights with Trevor, which should be enough to sate him financially. Of the two, I believe there is a far greater likelihood of Trevor being a Heat contributor this coming season than Andre.

Q: It’s a shame we don’t have our pick this year, at 18 we could get a very valuable and productive player to fill a roster hole. It would also make Precious Achiuwa or KZ Okpala more expendable. — Shaun.

A: But that No. 18 pick was one utilized to add Goran Dragic in 2015. So without that trade, the Heat quite possibly don’t advance within one win of the 2016 Eastern Conference finals or close within two wins of the 2020 NBA championship. The Heat more than recognized ample value with the two first-round picks spent to acquire Goran, likely more value than No. 18 will provide in Thursday’s draft. It is easy to be revisionist after the fact.

Q: Is there a situation where we can sign-and-trade for Kyle Lowry while re-signing Goran Dragic on possibly half his team option, or is that unrealistic? — Vince.

A: Yes, but the timing is the issue, with Goran Dragic’s team option having to be addressed before a potential signing of Kyle Lowry in free agency. The Heat simply could bypass Goran’s option and then re-sign him at a lower number. But if his cap space is utilized to sign Kyle, then the Heat would be reduced to an offer of exception money or the minimum to Goran for 2021-22.

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