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Biden shifts onus for pandemic onto the unvaccinated as he readies federal worker vaccine requirement

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WASHINGTON CNN — President Joe Biden, who for months used techniques like public service announcements and grassroots campaigns to persuade Americans to get vaccinated, is adopting a tougher approach as caseloads surge: vaccine requirements and blame. The shift toward placing the onus for the current situation on those who have...

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KM Sonja

So what about all the people vaccinated who are getting the covid again? Will they be medically assaulted as well? This is unconstitutional!

Georgia Frost

This is 100% b.s., I've had three people I know, that were vaccinated, pass away in the last two months! I will NOT get vaccinated as the flu shot nearly killed me 6 years ago. I think issuing a federal mandate and MAKING people get vaccinated or having them fall under some burdensome protocol will only make matters worse and make them dig their heels in further and give reason (in their minds anyway) for more rioting and violence.

Geraldine Fullerton

The vaccinated has also passed the virus on. This is a government ploy to control you life. Vaccinated or not you can catch the virus and you can spread the virus. Don’t give your rights away. They are easy to lose and near impossible to get back.


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