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Prince Charles bursts into laughter seeing British PM Boris Johnson struggling with umbrella: Video


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was caught in a tricky situation at a memorial service for police officers when his umbrella just refused to open, causing great amusement to prince Charles and other dignitaries who could not stop their laughter seeing him in a fix.

Johnson was at a memorial service when he found himself in this slightly weird and awkward predicament.

The clip, that went viral on social media after being shared by Sky News, shows Mr Johnson struggling to control the errant umbrella.

Johnson's umbrella first refused to open and when it did, it turned upside down much to the amusement of Prince Charles and the other officials who were attending the vent with the PM.

Even Johnson also broke into a laugh after finding himself in awkward situation that set Twitter ablaze.

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OK,I know, and you know, and God knows it was made in China. Breaking in 3,2,1.😇


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