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From offices to restaurants, companies are requiring proof of vaccination

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After months of encouraging employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19, companies are beginning to take a harder line and roll out mandates — a dramatic escalation of Corporate America's approach to halting the spread of the virus.

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Chauna Wilder

You have a right NOT to respond when asked if you are vaccinated or not. They can ask but you do not have to respond. That is your medical history and you can keep that information private.

Cris Miller

Study the nunberg trials, there's a law that states that they don't have the right to force anything on their employees or anyone else for that matter, I'm one who will not do any business with any company that will pursue the enforcement of vaccines on their employees, the vaccines are extremely difficult to prove that they are safe let alone not dangerous, untested and unproven and no long term testing done on human beings, blackmail is more like it, if you're wise enough to question things about the vaccines, then you already know that they are not stopping fokes from getting the virus. no one has the right to force anything on you, no ifs ands to but's about it. just try to enforce it and, win special prizes.

Michelle Peery

Why it doesn’t work making people sicker than without most deaths vaccinated with Covid only if your company is part of the population control game otherwise I say they should all quit good luck with finding new employees there aren’t any


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