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Mitch McConnell is doing something he deserves a lot of credit for

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(CNN) — Less than half of all Kentucky residents are vaccinated against the coronavirus. And Mitch McConnell is trying to do something about it. The Senate minority leader is set to start running 60-second ads on 100 radio stations in the state to educate people on the vaccine and urge them to get the shot(s). (McConnell is paying for the ads out of his campaign account, where, as of the end of 2020, he had almost $7 million in the bank.)

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Debra Gordy

This sorry basterd doesnt do anything for anybody but himself. He doesnt care about state he is suppose to represent , these people live in horrible poverty and if it were not for marijuana and white lightning sells they would starve and are starving. His state always takes away more tax $ than they could ever pay. as long as mitch is representing them they will always be in poverty, hes been in office and got rich in office despite his peoples poverty problems.

Mike Doyle

no Mitch won't retire, because he is actually works for big business, its all about power for him and big business, know one ever talks about his wife that worked in the Government and as soon as Biden was elected she quit and left with millions in hers and Mitch that went into an off shore account, and it wasn't the local place. it was another small island...

Lonnie Junior White Jr.

How do you call it a hoax and fight against vaccines foe a year and then think spending a little money on radio ads makes it all better? smh


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