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Why 'Selfish' Simone Biles is the Biggest Quitter in Sports

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Ben Maller: “We know a quitter when we see one, and right now the biggest quitter in sports is Simone Biles. She raised the white flag. I’m going to explain this to you like you’re five years old – the going got tough here and she tossed in the sponge. You can spin, spin, spin all you want but there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. They have a saying in the military when you do something like this and it’s called going ‘AWOL’. Simone Biles went AWOL. ‘AWOL’ stands for 'absence without leave’ and basically means you are not where you’re supposed to be at a particular time. Like continuing to finish the event that you started, this was a dereliction of duties. DESERTION is what it is, and when the music stops that is the naked truth. You can say ‘nO yOuR’e mEaN!’ but those are the facts. The thing that upsets me is the selfish nature of this and people are overlooking that. Taking the spot of someone who would have not given up and would have not quit. There’s some faceless gymnast who missed getting on Team USA by one spot who would not have walked away and who would have loved the opportunity to be in Toyko and to compete. It could have been a life-changing opportunity but instead, they’re sitting home somewhere watching Simone Biles.” (Full Video Above)

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Wait a minute....If she felt "off" she did the right thing by not competing. If her head wasn't in the game, she could have suffered serious injuries by competing. I've gotta side with Simone on this one. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

jonathan jimenez

Since when did America get so soft! She quit on her team and of story. They teach you in every team sport it’s not about you it’s about the team.


Ms Biles was under great pressure the like of which no jackass reading this will ever know! I commend her for knowing she was at a breaking point. It took more courage to remove herself knowing small minded people like the ones on this thread would say about her.


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