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Oscar de la Hoya Exposes ‘Rigged’ Floyd Mayweather Fight

Cover picture for the articleOscar de la Hoya sure does know how to get his name back out there when almost the entire audience of boxing have turned their back on him it seems. Recently, Oscar de la Hoya made waves in the water when he made it his mission to expose people such as Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather, saying they didn’t have a real fight, as it was fake and rigged. Could Oscar de la Hoya be onto something or is this just all for the attention that he now yearns for as many feel that his days are over for spotlight time? Tyson Fury Sad Training ‘Meltdown’ Revealed.

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it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Mayweather's fights are rigged. the last fight he had with Logan Paul he was literally holding the guy up so he wouldn't fall. let's not even talk about the circus that was the McGregor fight.. it's all about the money for Mayweather.

Jack Hallows

I mean, Mayweather himself admitted to committing “legalized bank robbery”, so we know the whole “fight” was a sham. It was promoted as an exhibition match after all, and never should have been taken seriously.


and before Oscar de la Hoya of all people besides to want to talk about rigged fights please! he should be reanalyzing his stuff too.


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