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This is what Republicans said as Capitol police told their stories on the Hill

Cover picture for the articleInvestigators on the House’s January 6 select committee, vowing a deep dive into the attack on the US Capitol, may soon be confronted with a grim reality: A battle over subpoena requests and the prospect they could end up in protracted legal fights. Both Democrats and Republicans on the select...

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Bye Bye Trumpanzee

Oh yes. The blue lives matter coalition from the party of family values. The modern day rebublicons are a spitting image of the taliban that are taking over Afghanistan. The only difference is the color of their skin. Has anyone noticed that the majority of these cons come from states with low educational standards and welfare states. Now that should be a good clue right there.

Frank Nolasco

wow these Republicans continue to deflect they blame everybody else but themselves and their cult leader Trump their actions throughout this whole ordeal will be documented for future Generations to come revealing the true nature of Trump's racist Behavior towards mankind no leader United States has ever had the lowest approval rating in this country he has managed to stain the democracy of our nation but as everyone knows we are a great nation who will overcome this flawed individual and his followers

Annette Satchell-Gunhammer

I CAN'T WAIT until they start passing out subpoenas! The orange douchebag CAN'T block any of them from having to testify!!! It's open season!


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