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Tori Roloff Shares ‘Touching’ Message Amid Heartbreak

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Little People, Big World fans may know that Tori and Zach Roloff are going through a difficult time right now. As Tori works through the heartbreak, she’s still sharing “touching” messages with her fans on social media. As we reported, Tori recently had a miscarriage. Instead of announcing that she...

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Ais Mom

I wish women were taught now about why bodies do this. 90% if not more of reproductive age women that are sexually active WILL have a miscarriage as a way of your body cleansing itself off damaged fetus\zygotes, while it can be heartbreaking it's a function. do be so devistated that it ruins you. don't have kids back to back to back give your system time to heal. I understand the Karen's will come for me but MAYBE education would help we don't need to know about every persons miscarriage. and yes I've had 2 and 4 healthy Ive use birth control as well so I understand completely that others just have reproductive issues so don't come at me sideways just be open to honest discussion. blessed be

Edward Holland

I think Tori is very brave to share her intimate issues with her followers. She 2 of the cutest children ever. .

molly jensen-roe

to Tori and Zach I am so sorry about your is not easy losing a child to miscarriage I have lost one also... sending love and prayers to you both always ♥️😢


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