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33-year-old fully vaccinated woman reportedly dies from COVID-19 complications in rare, breakthrough case

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleA mother is grieving the loss of her 33-year-old daughter who was vaccinated against COVID-19 yet still succumbed to the virus on Sunday, according to a report. Angelle Mosley, described as a "driven business woman," who had just opened the doors to her first shop, Brave Beautique in June, texted her mom last Thursday saying she wasn’t feeling well, local outlet WDSU reported.

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There is that word rare they keep slinging around like fertilizer. You know, somehow I don't think it is as rare as they are claiming.

Luis Medina

Look up the CDC and see what they say about the vaccine it’s not working they can’t tell if it’s coronavirus or the flu read it people stop listening to the media looked it up for yourself and read up on it the vaccine does not work they know that but you don’t educate yourself my condolence to the family

John C Macdonald Jr

Do you really believe these people in our Government really care about YOU? They care only of themselves and the money to be made by pushing these vaccines. If they really cared about people they wouldn’t have sent the money to the Wuhan lab for research on the spike protein which has been the reason for the high mortality count. It’s common sense people. They couldn’t care two ***** about YOU. They wanted this to happen for depopulation reasons and it was deliberate!


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