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Royal Family News: Prince Harry Jealous Of William’s Kids And Fears He’s The Next “Prince Andrew”

Cover picture for the articleBritish royal family news shows that Hollywood’s Prince of Fools, Harry Windsor, fears he has a shelf life. As in an expiration date on his appeal—whatever that is. According to one royal source the Fresh Prince has a “Prince Andrew complex.”. What exactly does that decidedly unappetizing description mean? According...

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Lee Morgan

They are a one trick pony. Trashing those who raised them and took care of them throughout their lives. Their expiration date is here. Talking about privacy is negated by their constant lust for publicity. Two spoiled middle aged adults who don't want to work, and companies relying on their titles, rather then vetting them for any experience, finding out they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. Buyers remorse won't last long. So over both of them.

Marie D

He will be irrelevant as William's kids get older. He is pretty irrelevant now. So glad when him and megnuts 15 minutes are up. Two losers..

N Smith

What appeal. Gingers don’t have souls. Evidently he has no intelligence either. He married a woman who only wants him for status. Why else would she care if her kids are prince and princess.


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