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Patriots Have Reportedly Claimed Former Packers Quarterback

The Spun
The Spun
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The New England Patriots struggled to get consistent production at quarterback during the 2020 season leading to one of the worst outcomes of the Bill Belichick era. However, the franchise addressed the position at this year’s NFL Draft by selecting Alabama breakout Mac Jones in the first round. Although there’s...

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Paddy Campbell

Newton Needs players around him who can run routes and catch the ball he took a hammering last season.

Ronald Townsend

first of all starts up front you must have protection I don't care who you have back there you can have Jesus back there if you don't have receivers and offensive line to block for your franchise quarterback and to create those holes for the running back got to have a push up front on both sides of the ball Cam Newton has a hard time staying healthy hopefully they'll get it together


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