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Biden blames ‘Freudian slip’ after saying ‘President Trump’ when he meant Obama

New York Post

Cover picture for the articlePresident Biden on Wednesday mistakenly uttered the name of his predecessor — “President Trump” — chalking it up to a “Freudian slip” even though he was talking about his longtime boss Barack Obama. Biden meant to refer to Obama, under whom he served for eight years as vice president, when...

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harold bishop

My wife has dementia and I have been taking care of her for 3 years now since all of her cognitive testing and diagnosis. I've researched Dementia and know the signs and symptoms. Her doctors provide me with references and books to educate myself on. Believe me that Biden has dementia and that's a fact. And for his family to allow this to go on and continue is considered a crime as they are committing elderly abuse. If I allowed my wife to work in her job as a psychiatric nurse knowing her disability of dementia I would be arrested and prosecuted. This is outrageous and a crime against our nation and people.

Kenneth Cross

of course he had Trump o his mind. For 5.5 years and counting Trump has and will continue to live LARGE 8n democrats minds. HAAAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAAHAAHAAAHAH

Paul Meeker

Without mentioning TrUmP or losing it, can't you liberals just admit Biden at the very least is showing signs of mental decline?


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